Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Quiet Weekend

We finally arrived at a quiet weekend. No major plans.

Yesterday we went to Home Depot for new floor lamps and plants for the patio. We got lamps and two Zebra plants. We also got a Venus Fly Trap because we are geeks.

We did other adult things like cleaning,paying bills and doing laundry.

Today, we went down to the beach and flew a kite. And then went to Starbucks for a replacement espresso machine to replace ours that no longer functioned properly. Tim has made the first latte with it. And I give it an A+.

Later we are going to dinner with our friends, Steve and Sophia.

The next big plans...Tim goes to see The Police next weekend with his friend, Brad. And likely geeking out on drumming stuff.

In July we will go see our friend Trish aka Sniperella fight it out at the Roller Derby.

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