Saturday, June 02, 2007

Becoming Mrs.Tim

After Tim and I got engaged a lot of people asked if I would be changing my name. I joked that I was planning on taking Tim's first name instead of his last name so we would be The Tims.

I have finally gotten on the ball to changing my name. I have gotten the social security stuff underway. And yesterday I went to the Thousand Oaks DMV which is close to my office and applied for a new license. Which I should have with a new picture in 2-4 weeks. Thousand Oaks DMV is the fastest DMV in the known world. From the time I got out of my car to the time I got back in only a mere 10 minutes lapsed. I will totally be going to that DMV to get my name changed on the title of my car too.

The next big hurtle is changing my name with The California State Bar. Unlike everywhere else where you can change your name simply by showing your marriage license, the state bar requires 2 forms of ID with your old name and 2 forms of id with your new name. I will have to wait for my new license to arrive before I can do that. Until then I am Ms. Tim in private and Ms. Cecilie at work.

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