Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Moving On Up To The West Side

Tim and I are moving!

We decided that planning a wedding and having our busy lives was not enough...we needed to add moving to our lists of things to do this year.

We found a great place in Pacific Palisades. PP is south of Malibu and North of Santa Monica. And we are very excited about the relocation though we will miss some things about our current neighborhood in Hollywood we are definitely trading up.

The moving starts on October 1st.

Then we can finally get back to concentrating on wedding planning.

Friday, September 08, 2006

A week full of wedding preparation

Tuesday, Tim and I met with Reverand Bock aka Pastor Bob to see if we felt comfortable with him. And we both liked him A LOT. He is very nice and apparently LOVES doing weddings because he does them A LOT and he doesn't take any of the money he is paid for doing them for himself but donates it to a scholarship fund to send kids to summer camp. How sweet is that?!


Then yesterday, we went for our tasteing to make sure all the lovely hor d'oeuvres were tastey enough for all our wonderful guests. Our friends Sophia and Steve, graiously agreed to help us make determinations of tasteiness. All the food was great! We are only to do some very minor tweaking of some items but all in all we were very impressed! And we got to see some awesome pictures of our venue all done up for other weddings which gave lots of good ideas for how we were going to do things. We were hoping to go to Yummy Cupcakes afterward to give ourselves a true similation of the wedding reception but alas they were already closed by the time the tasteing was done.

And lastly, I ordered the matrons of honor dresses and they should be in come November. I already have my dress though due to my height, it needs hemmed.

* just an image of hor d'oeuvres not of ours because we thought it would be strange to take pictures at the tasteing.