Friday, March 09, 2007

Mystery Gifter

We received LOTS of awesome gifts for our wedding. All of which we plan to write thank you notes for (because our Mamas raised us right!) but we have one problem...

We have one gift that has no gifter attached to it.
We received the fabulous Kone
from someone who attended the wedding, but the shuffle, a card was either lost or detached from the gift. And we don't know who gave it to us. I am going to try and call Target this weekend and see if they can give me any clues to who gave it to us (we do have a gift receipt) but if you are the mystery gifter, please send Tim or me an email. We have already used it so much (our apartment gathers much dust) and would love to properly thank you for it.

In case, the wondrous kone is from someone who doesn't want to come forward, just know whoever you are, we really appreciate it!

UPDATE: Mystery solved! Our friends (and engaged to be wed) friends Greg and Angela got us the Kone however, the card must have gotten lost.