Friday, March 03, 2006

Trying to Set a Date

Everyone seems very anxious for Tim and I to set a date, including us. We are hoping for sometime in February 2007, but we want to stay flexiable so that we can find the location.

But don't worry, it won't be Super Bowl Sunday Weekend.

Thus far we have looked at one location. I will not name the place but we didn't like it at all. Though the place its self was on the beach, the room they rent for weddings had zero view (unless by view you mean, looking out on to a tile courtyeard area. Plus there wedding person was not very nice i.e. acted like Tim and I were not really good enough to get married at her location.

Another place we were considering looking at has been crossed off our list because the room is also "cave like" as described by one of my co-workers who also checked it one out when she was getting married. (Side note: people in the legal profession love to plan weddings because I have gotten suggestions and advice from people at the firm I work at.) Tim had a business meeting at the place a while back and when I told him what my co-worker said he knew what room it was and agreed it was not what we were looking for.

So it is back to doing some research on locations this weekend, then Tim and I are going to call around next week and see what we can learn BEFORE we go look at the location. I don't want to waste another Saturday afternoon looking at a cramped ballroom if the price they are asking is ridiculous.

If anyone has suggestions of places (other then my mother's suggestion of the chapel at Forest Lawn) Tim and I are open to suggestions.

And thank you everyone who has been so loving and wonderful in congratulating Tim and I on our engagement, it really has made us realize how lucky we are, not only to have each other but to have such wonderful family and friends. :)