Sunday, May 20, 2007


Last night we celebrated my 28th birthday at a few LA spots.

First on the agenda was Some Assembly Required, an exhibition on prefab housing. It was pretty cool, although the exhibit was pretty short. (Seemed like there wasn't much more room in the gallery than our apartment). It also seems like to have a prefab house, you need a slightly sloping hill to build on.
Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun very interesting.

At this point we had several hours to kill so we started by grabbing coffee and crummy cookies at Urth Caffe (on Melrose).. which is about 5 times as busy as our Santa Monica location, but the coffee's still as good as you'd expect.

We started getting the hairy eyeball from some of the patrons and waitstaff after a while so we trekked back into the old neighborhood and hit Amoeba Music and Groundwork. I didn't pick up anything, but Jared and John picked up stuff (Jared picked up a couple movies, John mined the vinyl and got a collection of Bruce Willis's smash hits. Or something.

At this point, it was off to the dinner location: Cobras and Matadors (sorry, no direct link... they don't have a website apparently). In attendance were Mike & Jessica, Steve & Sophia, Remco, Paul, Jared, John, Aaron, with a cameo by LaDonna & Robyn. Food was as good as ever, and in great abundance. But mostly, the conversation ruled the night. And the books. Did you know microwave ovens cause cataracts? Well, according to the medical information on the bookshelf behind us, they do.

Not much else to report - it was a relaxing birthday and fun to spend it with close friends. Next week I fly to St. Louis for memorial day and to ship my drums out to LA.

And in 16 days... it's another birthday!