Saturday, June 09, 2007

28 Part II

So June 6 rolls around and it was my turn to turn 28.

The weekend prior there was a party with our friends down in Orange County because a few of us were having birthdays around that time.

And then on my birthday I did the exciting going to work and working all day thing (hey! its what adults do on their birthdays sadly). But I came home and Tim brought me Chinese food and cupcakes. And the gift of laughter with lots of Garrison Keillor media (two CDs and a book) and let me watch whatever I wanted on TV.

Tomorrow, Tim is also taking me for a special brunch.

We have had a lot of birthday dinners and gatherings as of late. We even went to a birthday party tonight for our friend, Mike. I think we are winding down and soon we will be able to get together with our friends for other reasons and not just because we are all getting old.

Next big thing...nothing amazingly enough. I am sure that will change soon. Its hard to keep us down for long.

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