Sunday, July 22, 2007

Six Months of Marriage: Wedding Photographs

Married Smoochin'
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We have had our wedding photographs for a long time but we have had no time to spend putting them on the 'net.

Until now

Now you can see what an awesome job our photographer, Danielle did.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Vegas, Baby, Vegas!!

When people in LA want to get away from it all they pile in the car (or sometimes fly) to a place which is even crazier than LA...Las Vegas.

I have been wanting to visit Vegas forever, because it is something everyone in LA has done but it was never the right time. Until now...

I happened to see that The MGM grand had great rates. And it didn't take much (read: any) convincing to get Tim to agree to go for the weekend.

After work Tim and I drove to Vegas, arriving at the early hour of 11:30 p.m. The party was just starting. We peeked into The Tropicana, New York New York and Monte Carlo before we headed back to the MGM for the night.

After sleeping in the next morning we headed to Paris for a breakfast buffet. My jaw dropped at how much food there was. And Tim told me it wasn't the best he had seen.

We then hit Bellagio which was beautiful inside. And is on my list of hotels to try in Vegas. And then we hit the Forum Shops at Caesars which were amazing. We got to see one of the only Vosges Chocolate boutique stores and try Mo's Bacon Bar and Naga Ice cream.

We then treked back to the MGM in the unbearable 107 degree heat. Where we promptly jacked up the a/c in our room and conked out for a while.

As our trip was very spur of the moment we couldn't really get decent reservations at any of the fancy resturants we would have liked to try i.e. we would have had to eat dinner at 10:30 at night. So, we had some in room dining before heading down to the MGM floor to try our luck some more. Luck was on our side apparently. I actully won some of my money back (I still came out behind but less then I would have been) and Tim came out WAY ahead due to some awesome luck at roulette.

And this morning we shoved off around 11am. And are now safely back in LA and recharged for the week (though thankfully it is a short week. :)

Viva Las Vegas!