Sunday, April 30, 2006

Photographer Booked

We get to check off another item on the wedding "to do" list.

We met with and booked the photographer for the wedding.

We met with Danielle Biel of Skye Blu at her studio this afternoon in Pasadena.

She is super nice! And her pictures are great! And that is coming from at least one person that dabbles in photography (a.k.a Tim).

We are pleased with her package because it includes 8 hours of her time at the wedding, which would pretty much cover getting ready before the ceremony until the guests start to leave. AND we get an engagement photo shoot. The engagement shoot won't take place until at least July as Danielle is technically on maturity leave until then (she is due May 9th!).

Here and here are pictures of weddings she has shot at Malibou Lake previously.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Matrons of Honor Dresses

I think I am going to have the ladies (EK and Elissa) get dresses from Aria Bridesmaid Dresses for the wedding.

I had thought I could have them find cool dresses they could wear again and again from someplace like Gap but green is apparently not one of the super "in" colors.

I got swatches in the mail from Aria, today. They look very different in person. The brown is for accents, maybe.

This planning is more fun then location hunting.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I know everyone will be as excited as we are that we finally have a date set.
Mark your calendars for February 17, 2007 for the BIG DAY. (President's Day Weekend for those of you without your 2007 calendars)

We will be getting married and having the reception at The Malibou Lake Mountain Club. And catering provided by Truly Yours Catering

We had talked to the caterer and liked the prices and from the pictures it all looked great but we obviously had to go see it in person to be sure. So today we treked out to Agoura Hills to see for ourselves and it was even BETTER then the pictures online. So we reserved the date.

Here are some pictures Tim took while we were out there:

The Gate (and that is Cecilie in the lower left of the picture).

The outside of the location from the lawn.

Another shot of the outside from the lawn (you can see they have all the trees strung with lights!)

The lake across the street from the location

The lawn, where we will have the ceremony if the weather is nice (picture white chairs etc.)

The room where the reception will be. The fireplace really works, so if it is a chilly California evening we may have a fire in there.

The back part of the building, off this porch are the rooms for the ladies to get ready in before the wedding.

We will try to get proper "save the dates" to everyone soon. But for tonight we are just excited to have a date set!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Visiting Family

This is somewhat wedding related.

Tim and I went up to the Bay Area for a long weekend to visit matron of honor #1 aka my sister, mother of the bride aka my mom, ring bearer aka our nephew, and official bride giver awayer aka my brother in law.

My sister and mom appropriately oh'd and ah'd over the engagement ring in person. And we talked about the woos of wedding planning.

All in all the trip was fun and served no real purpose toward the wedding except making Tim and I blow our diets.

We did get two engagement gifts. One is a silver candy dish which belonged to my grandmother and the other is a cake cutting knife and cake server (to be used at the wedding).

Wedding planning continues and hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) a date will be selected in the near future. But we don't want to jinx anything so I won't say anymore.