Saturday, November 04, 2006

Clothes and Shoes and 105 days left

Today I got Elissa and EK's dresses in the mail. They look AMAZING. I had a swatch of the fabric but as a full blown dress it is even more stunning. I like the color so much, I want a dress in the same color (maybe I will try on one of their dresses later...ssssshh).

Elissa has this style and EK has this style except tea length.

And in the color seen in this picture:

AND I finally ordered my shoes for the wedding. I am sure no one was worried I would have shoes to wear to the wedding but I was seriously starting to wonder. I was feeling like all the requirements that I wanted (not too expensive, not pure white, not too high, cute, thicker heel, open toe) were never going to come together in ONE pair of shoes. It finally did at the new online shoe store by the company that owns Gap, Old Navy and Bannana Republic. Piper Lime.

Today it is only 105 days until Tim and I are married. I can hardly believe how fast the past few months have gone. It seems like just yesterday we got engaged. So much has happened since then, the wedding has really taken shape, I can't wait to be able to enjoy all the hard work we've both put into it.

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