Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Engagement Pictures Arrive!

I went and picked up our engagement pictures from our UPS box yesterday. Tim and I were both a little nervous because though we had complete comfidence in our photographer Danielle we did not have as much cofidence in our own ability not to look goofy in pictures. But Danielle is so amazing that she got awesome pictures out of two people who are rarely in front of the camera.

!!Warning pictures of two people in love smooching below!!

Awww on the beach! The vivid colors are due to cross processing. Which I had never heard of until we started dealing with wedding pictures. But isn't it pretty?

Yes, that is skeeball behind us because Tim and I had to be true to our nature and go into the arcade for some pictures. (In other pictures you can see how badly Tim beat me at skeeball.)

The whole shoot was about two hours and took us from the Santa Monica weekly Farmers' Market to the Santa Monica Pier to the beach.

And after seeing how Danielle managed to make us look like models, I am much more at ease about the wedding pictures.

The wedding is so close now!

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