Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One Year | Tuesday: 英語が解りますか?

Not much happening around our apartment lately -- Being pictured (in the upper left hand part of a brief article on Wired, Topspin coming out of stealth mode, an article (and cover) of Billboard Magazine -- very routine lately.

So we decided to keep the week low-key and tonight booked our travel to Japan. We will be staying in Shinjuku (a ward of Tokyo) and flying in on Singapore Airlines. At this point, we don't have much planned -- we may meet up with my friend Jack Suzuki who I used to work with at THQ before he moved to Japan; we're considering a trip to Kyoto while we're there, and checking out a shrine or more -- possibly the Meiji Shrine. Of course, there's all kinds of other stuff to check out... exploring Shinjuku, going to Akihabara, Tsukiji fish market for an omakase sushi meal, and so much more.

Though we're very excited, it also makes us a bit nervous: this isn't exactly a trip to, say, Seattle... and there's that whole language thing. But, we've got Pimsleur CDs and some books to get us up on the important things. You know, "My husband ate some bad tuna, I think he needs an ambulance." "Help, I cannot get my wife to quit playing pachinko." And, of course: 英語が解りますか. (Do you understand English?)

As the trip draws nearer, we'll certainly have more to say... but for now, just getting the tickets booked and airfare set, that's just another dull day here in the Palisades. Hopefully a week in Japan in October will be just a bit different.

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