Saturday, June 21, 2008

One Year | Month Five: Topspin's 1st Birthday

I realize a lot of people aren't completely sure what Tim does for a living. This is evidenced in my mom's explanation of "he works with computers."

The last year and handful of months Tim has been working for a start up called Topspin. And even I can't always really explain what the company is but if you check the site, the CEO does an excellent job of explaining (which is likely why he is the CEO and not me.)

The culmination of the last year is that Topspin is featured on the cover of Billboard magazine (that is the CEO on the skateboard). And in honor of all these amazing accomplishments and reaching the one year mark, there was a party.

Last night, Tim and I dolled ourselves up and rolled out to Venice to Air Conditioned Lounge for the big night. When we arrived the bouncers outside informed us "there was a private event" to which we said "we know, we are here for it." Grudgingly, we were permitted enterance.

The inside was really cool with huge booths for sitting and cool bars. I got to meet the various Topspin team members who I had heard so much about. Meet one of the founders (and the creator of Pro Tools) Peter Gotcher and his wife.

It was nice to celebrate the accomplishments of the company as Tim has put so much time and effort, sweat and tears into the company. And I think this is only just the beginning.

The best part of the night for me, was each time I met one of Tim's co-workers, they would tell me how awesome Tim was and how he made their lives better and kept them sane. And all I could say is "he does that for me too." I am so proud and gratful I am his wife and get to be by his side for all these amazing milestones.

Happy Birthday, Topspin!

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