Saturday, January 13, 2007

Take us the the wedding, driver!

On top of all we have gotten done lately we hired another person for the wedding. A driver for our guests!

We thought especially for our many out of town guests a shuttle to and from the wedding would be very useful and also put our minds at ease if someone "celebrated" a little too much.

I know a limo would be nice but not very practical as far as number of people who could fit in it. So instead we ordered a 15 person van. Which I think should be enough since we have about 75 guests total.

It will make two trips to and from the hotel before the ceremony and two trips toward the end of the reception. (Times for pick up and drop off TBA).

Now we just have to figure out for real, how Tim and I are going to get to our hotel that night and we'll be set.

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