Saturday, January 13, 2007

35 days until the BIG day!

We haven't posted in a while because the holidays (and my new job) kept us rather busy!

Last weekend we did our final walk through at our venue. It was the first time Tim and I had been there since Spring 2006 when we first booked it. It was just as awesome as we remembered it. And the pinning down all the details made Tim and I much calmer about the next month. Then we ate lunch at Brent's. Mmmm!

Yesterday, we met with Reverend Brock and again were pleased with our choice. He is an extremely nice person and has so many great stories about weddings he has performed both touching and hilarious. We probably could have sat and talked to him for hours. We were a little disappointed that he said he doesn't usually stay for the reception, we both would have liked to talk to him more but we did suggest a great place in the area as he said he usually takes his wife out to dinner after weddings he performs.

And despite thinking we would be crazed the last month before the wedding we both feel calm and actually don't have that much left to do. *knock on wood*

We are looking forward to it being February 17 so much now since most of the heavy lifting is complete.

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