Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Year Two | Month Ten

Life has been busy. The rest of the summer flew by! So did Fall for that matter.

Tim had to go up to San Francisco for work and I had just completed a contract project so I decided to go with and also get the chance to see my sister, brother in law and adorable nephew.

We spent 2 night in SF. The first day, Tim worked all day and I explored SF until I was too tired to walk around anymore. Then I went to Topspin's SF office and watched Cannonball Run with Tim's coworkers. We then went to the House of Prime Rib. The meal was decent minus the live bug I found in my salad. But all was forgiven when the 81 year old "owner" came to our table to apologize and stole a kiss on the cheek.

On Friday, Tim went to work and I headed to East Bay to hang with my sister. I came back to the city and Tim and I had a decent dinner at Burger Bar before being too exhausted to explore the city further.

Saturday we headed out to the East Bay and stayed with my sister and brother in law and spent lots of time hanging with our nephew who has so much energy I wish I could bottle it up and sell it.

Coming up on our calenders are Royskopp concert, Friend's Thanksgiving, regular Thanksgiving and Christmas with Tim's family in Illinois.

We are almost at the 3 year mark and it feels like just yesterday that Tim was suggesting we go to Robbins Brothers to look for an engagement ring.

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