Sunday, April 29, 2007

Month Three of Marriage: Coachella

Tim and I have been married a little over three months now.
Marriage is great!
Except we have both been super busy! I guess we were silly to think our lives would calm down after the wedding. Since when have either of our lives ever been calm?

We have gotten *most* of our thank yous out in the mail. A few left to do, but we ran out of thank you note cards. We just have too many genrous and wonderful friends and family to thank. Soon, soon.

This weekend we are going to Coachella . We are only going for Day 3 because we are both fans of Rage Against the Machine and since they have not played together in 6 years we really couldn't pass up the oppurtunity. Even if it is going to be 100 degrees in Indio.

We will also be seeing bands like CSS and Damien Rice.

It should be a lot of fun.

Right now we are chilling out in our motel room in Palm Springs after getting some eats and coffee at koffi. And picking up the ever esstential sun block.

Next big thing on our agenda: Tim's birthday!!

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