Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Halekulani... 「ハレクラニ」

Another day, another major thing knocked out.

Today, perhaps the most fun part of wedding planning was taken care of.

We booked our reservations (flights, hotel) for the honeymoon.

We'll be staying at the Halekulani, in Honolulu. After some frustration in finding a place on Maui, I googled something like "best honeymoon locations" or something like that. After ridiculous option after option, Halekulani came up. Now, this was Forbes's list, so of course most stuff is beyond the price range of us mere mortals. And of course, they were talking about the Vera Wang Suite, which costs more than the entire honeymoon, but, baby steps. :)

Flights: Cheap at $5 apiece. Yay miles.

And we made reservations at La Mer, their 5-star restaurant.

Should be a great time. And the phones will be off the hook, so don't bother trying to call. :)

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