Sunday, April 30, 2006

Photographer Booked

We get to check off another item on the wedding "to do" list.

We met with and booked the photographer for the wedding.

We met with Danielle Biel of Skye Blu at her studio this afternoon in Pasadena.

She is super nice! And her pictures are great! And that is coming from at least one person that dabbles in photography (a.k.a Tim).

We are pleased with her package because it includes 8 hours of her time at the wedding, which would pretty much cover getting ready before the ceremony until the guests start to leave. AND we get an engagement photo shoot. The engagement shoot won't take place until at least July as Danielle is technically on maturity leave until then (she is due May 9th!).

Here and here are pictures of weddings she has shot at Malibou Lake previously.

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